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The Power of Essential Oils: What They Can Do For You

powerofoilsYou may have noticed recently that I have written a post helping my readers to buy essential oils. I want to share with you how I have grown to love and value these oils as powerful tools of family health and pediatric health. They are incredibly effective in overall prevention and wellness for everyone.

The goal of alternative medicine is to empower you to enjoy good health.

Good health comes from prevention, early intervention, and natural care of conditions as they arise and in harmony with the natural resources of your holistic body.

Essential oils are a crucial element of Classical Chinese Medicine. Just like herbs, essential oils contain powerful healing benefits using potent concentrations of the most effective components of the plants.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, essential oils are extracted through processes that maintain the integrity of all of the plant properties in relationship to each other. Nature creates synergistic healing elements which promote optimal holistic health. The more intention in the production of the oils, the more potent the healing potential is.

Only the Best

This is why I choose to work specifically with Young Living brand essential oils. They are grown free of pesticides, in plants which are specifically NOT genetically modified, and the oils are extracted using the highest quality low-temperature processes so as to keep the therapeutic qualities in tact.

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Essential oils are the number one tool you can have in your home to heal and prevent disease, recover from injury, boost overall wellness, and combat imbalance on in mind, body, and spirit.

What about diet and exercise?

Yes, what you eat and moving your body are the cornerstones of good health. But even the most nutritious food and best exercise programs will not be enough at times. During times of great change, illness, injury, and stress, we often need more support. Sleep is also essential to good health, and plant-based essential oils are potent tools in promoting healthy sleep habits night after night.

Pediatric Uses of Oils

One of my favorite uses for essential oils is in the treatment of children. In my clinical acupuncture practice, I have used essential oils for almost a decade on pediatric clients from age 6 weeks to 17 years of age – to treat every type of disharmony from the common cold to genetic anomalies; boosting immunity, supporting healthy brain development, relieving allergies, healing pneumonia, and successfully treating many more health concerns that I look forward to sharing with you.

Stay tuned…

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Purchase your own home healing kit of Essential Oils today!

Do you have any great essential oils experiences? I would love to hear it! Share your story with me in the comments below!

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