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Katherine Fleming – Famous Fitness Mama

A 35-year-old Katherine Fleming believes that having children is not an excuse for overweight. If desired, every woman can find time to exercise, even if she has to take care of 5 children at once. In order to stay in shape, Katherine wakes up a couple of times a week at dawn and goes to the nearest fitness club.

On her social networking page, she talks about how she feeds and what exercises she does to work out this or that problem area. “It has always been easy for me to combine maternity with a healthy lifestyle. But I know a lot of women for whom this is a real problem, that’s why I help them.

She notes that she was not always so in good shape. During the first pregnancy, she gained a lot of extra pounds, but did not wait for the weight to go away on her own, but took herself in hand, because in 10 months she had to shine at her own wedding. “Now I go to the gym twice a week. I am happy with my body: I have abs, and from time to time I can afford high-calorie sweets.


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