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Category: Fitness And Health

All You Need is Abs

A good abs workout is worth its weight in gold. Not only does it tone the whole body, but it brings circulation to all of the major organs, which in turn promotes optimal health, digestive wellbeing, and a strong metabolism. The abdominal organs are the key center of detoxification and energy production. Another benefit of doing abdominal…

5 Tips to Ease Your Workout Recovery

Spring into health with a new fitness plan! REAL FIT at EVERY AGE Save 30% on the cover price. Offer ends May1st. Use code SPRING30 at checkout. Let’s face it – there’s “good” sore and then there’s too-sore-to-walk-up-the-stairs-or-get-out-of-bed. Some workout soreness is enough to weigh heavy on the cons of our internal to-exercise-or-not list. With muscle discomfort…

Jump Start Your Day – 6 Jumps to Get You High

Have you heard about how beneficial jumping is for your lymphatic system? Just 10 mintues of jumping (on a trampoline or on the ground) can boost your immunity and assist your body in fluid metabolism, detoxification, and optimal health. Plus, how awesome-ly kid-like do you feel when jumping?  I can’t help but giggle and laugh when…


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