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One Week Fitness Plan for Body Alchemy

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Welcome to Mama’s first ever weekly fitness plan! Are you looking for a guide to get you on track with moving your body? This one-week fitness plan is meant to help get you moving at the level you are craving to achieve your health goals.

From now through the end of 2013, I will be sprinkling some weekly fitness plans into my regular blogging offerings. Stay tuned and keep checking back. And please give me your input so I can make these plans GREAT for you.

If a beginner-level menu full of movement recipes for the week sounds like something you want to give a try, please check out my Beginner One-Week Plan. If you are looking for a more intense workout, say an intermediate level week of workouts to boost your fitness level – you can find that here in the Intermediate Fitness Plan. If you have specific health goals – weight loss, optimal wellness, detoxification – today’s fitness plan is for YOU.

For those of you sticking around for today’s fitness plan, you are the transformation team. You are looking to make a change in your life, to reach far outside your comfort zone and to have tangible results. There are many aspects of optimal wellness – movement is a key element in this, and that is what this one-week fitness plan is meant to do. Are you ready to crank things up a notch? Maybe we should start with giving our team a name!

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How about we call you guys ALCHEMY? Alchemy is the ancient practice of transformation. It is all about change, and one of alchemy’s greatest goals has been to create longevity, wellness & phenomenal health.

If you’ve got another name you like better, I’d love to hear it. Please let me know in the comments below.

In the meantime, are you ready to get alchemical with your workouts this week? If you are, read on!


Walk – 10 Minutes

Run hill or stairs – 20 minutes

Strength Training – 20 minutes – suggested exercises in the back of this book

Yoga – 20 minutes


Lower Limb Blast x 2

45-90 minute hike

10 minutes stretch


A Core You Can Count On – 3x through

10 minutes walk

20 minutes – Qi Gong Exercise (optional) – Exercise in the back of this book


16 Minute Get It Done Workout x 3

Walk it off – 20 minutes


50 Squats

50 Lunges – Alternating legs

20 minutes jog, walk uphill, or stairs

All Weather Arms – x 2


Rest Day


Rest Day

So, Team Alchemy, how do you feel? Was it too much of one thing? Too little of another? Every week will be different, so stay tuned for another one-week Alchemical adventure! I would love your feedback so I can adjust future workout plans to meet your needs.

You may be wondering why the week contains two rest days. Studies have shown that resting is as important to our workouts as movement. On the rest days, our bodies break down and rebuild new more efficient muscle. Also, when we take 2 days off in a week, we rest more deeply and replenish for the coming week. That’s part of the huge pay-off of being active 5 days – we can rest deeply knowing our work is complete and come back to our fitness routine on a full tank ready to take it to the next level. During these days you will detoxify, tear down old in-effective muscle, and build up your metabolism. 5 days in the week you will do the work, the other 2 your organs, glands, muscles and cells do their work.

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