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10 Tips for A You + Your Body Love Affair

Walk or run barefoot on the earthSelf love is the beginning and the destination of all beautiful and good things for our bodies. The energy with which we do things is as important as the actual things we do. Whether you are feeling frustrated with yourself, your body, or your state of health lately, or whether you are simply longing for more of a sense of connection, these 10 tried and true actions are like a honeymoon for you and your body.

Wellness arises in a place of love and connection with ourselves. Dieting and exercising from a place of self-loathing will neither bring us the emotional experience nor the long-term physical effects we are hoping for. The following list will get you 10 steps closer to being in the deepest throes of love for yourself, and this seat of pleasure is the place where all change and transformation occur.

1. Walk or run barefoot on the earth:

Step outside to the park, the beach or to your own back yard and walk around on the dirt, sand or earth with no shoes on. Our feet contain some of the highest concentrations of proprioceptive nerves in our body – the sensory nerves with which we take in information. Earthing is a health movement gaining popularity worldwide, and is sure to change your vibration from tense to lovely.

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2. Strike a pose:

Stretching and doing yoga are two fantastic ways to reconnect with our bodies from a gentle place of acceptance for where we are right now. Besides opening the Chinese medical meridians and creating a flow of energy throughout the body, stretching and yoga also promote blood flow through the entire body. Circulation is a deep source of the good vibes of experiencing pleasure. You don’t necessarily have to get to a class to get to the love zone. Just spend 10 minutes doing any stretch you know and breathing deeply.

3. Bare your body:

There is nothing so powerful as spending some quality time with yourself in your birthday suit. Whether you choose to snooze between the sheets without your outer layer or walk around the house nudie cuties, once you get past the initial unfamiliarity you will enter a realm of relaxation, love and pleasure that will bring back the best vibes from your favorite lovers and your childhood days of embodied freedom.

4. Immerse yourself in water:

Whether you take a warm bath with bubbles and oils, or head out to the local swimming hole, beach or river, immersing your body in water is a great way to raise your love vibration with you and your body. The sensual pleasure of water on your skin will soothe your entire nervous system.

5. Eat something home-made:

Another way to fall in love with yourself is to hop into your kitchen and whip up something delicious. Out of ideas? How about some home made whipped raw cream and fresh berries or peaches. I’m starting to fall in love with myself just thinking about it!

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6. Have a snuggle fest:

Grab your pet, your soulmate, or a yummy blanket and some pillows and get snuggly! Contented feelings will start to flow when you curl up and get cozy. Want to read a book, watch a movie, or just sip some tea? Even a little snooze can bring you waves of scrumptious relaxation.

7. Hydrate your body inside & out:

Having a glass of water or a cup of kombucha is a great way to promote hydration throughout your body from the inside out. When it comes to replenishing fluids from the outside in, try smothering your limbs in coconut oil or smoothing your entire epidermis over with your own homemade body butter.

8. Light your fire:

The element of fire is exciting and romantic and resonates with the energy of the heart in Chinese medicine. Whether you surround yourself in candles, light a fire in your hearth, or soak up some of the sun’s rays during the summer, getting intimate with some fire is another amazing way to stoke your passion for yourself.

9. Have a mud affair:

Whether you cover your body in clay in the bath or head down to the beach for some sandy pleasure, something magical occurs when we celebrate the sensuality of earth on our skin. Both nourishing and detoxifying, earth truly has healing powers. Have some mud in your yard or a river near by? Try rubbing some rich earthy delight on your legs before taking a plunge.

10. De-clutter your wardrobe:

One of my favorite things to do is to go through my wardrobe and get rid of anything I don’t LOVE to be dressed in. The clothes we wear have a powerful and subtle effect on how we feel about ourselves. We outgrow clothing and styles, and I believe old clothing also carries old toxins in its fibers. Plus, it feels great to pass on clothes you’re not wearing or not fond of wearing to someone who will get joy out of them. For an added body love bonus, put on your very favorite item of clothing after you are done!

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