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This is How to Make REAL FOOD Easy

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been soul searching and researching ways to serve RFM’s increasing audience to give you the very BEST of health inspiration and information. Whether you come for connection, empowerment or health advice; be it insight, motivation, research, or inspiration – I want you to know in your heart that this site has it for you. I want you to feel relieved and grateful because this Mama has your back.

This brand is driven by my deep sense of purpose to have you to feel like great health is easier than so many things can be in this complicated world. Whether or not you read every word of every post or create time to open every email, I want you to know that they’re in your inbox, on the web, and that the important information you NEED – to heal, grow, thrive – to be, do, and have it all – is here for you, at your fingertips – whenever and wherever you need it most.

This is why I have chosen to partner up with a weekly meal plan service. Real Plans have Paleo, Traditional (Real Food/ Weston A Price diet), and Vegetarian options. Given this diversity, wouldn’t it feel awesome to know that inside your email box every week there is an entire week’s worth of healthy delicious food planned out? That way you can glance in there, race to the store, plan ahead if you like, or even put it in front of your significant other and have your specific guidelines met!

Why Real Plans, and not another weekly meal plan?

The creator of Real Plans is an acquaintance of mine and I’ve tasted her food. It’s delicious! So that’s one. I also know how much time and consideration has gone into ensuring the highest quality health and enjoyment in these meals. The recipes are carefully created and adapted for your dietary needs, and they have incredible health benefits without being expensive or complicated. That’s two. They are affordable, nutritious, supportive, and flavorful! That’s three.

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Healthy meal ideas can be easy, do-able, and mind-opening. Even if you do not eat at home every night, seeing what the plan of the week is may give you more ideas and inspiration for those nights you do dine out. Restaurant menus can be daunting and confusing. Seeing things in a new way can open up all kinds of new possibility.

The best part is that you can get these meal plans for only $6 per MONTH. Imagine that! A shopping list and cooking plan for the whole family for the whole week for less than $2. If we’re just talking money, those plans will save us so much that it will end up earning us money, rather than costing. When my family is on a weekly meal plan we save hundreds on groceries every month, and we use everything we buy. And we eat well.

Let Mama and Real Plans have your back.

For only $6 per month, it’s definitely worth a try! Want these meal plans and don’t want to pay a dime? Enter to win my giveaway! One reader – maybe you – will win a year’s worth of Real Plans.

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