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5 Tips to Ease Your Workout Recovery

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Let’s face it – there’s “good” sore and then there’s too-sore-to-walk-up-the-stairs-or-get-out-of-bed. Some workout soreness is enough to weigh heavy on the cons of our internal to-exercise-or-not list. With muscle discomfort sometimes lasting up to 4 days, it is vital to a good exercise plan to have plenty of quick-recovery tricks in your back pocket.

We all know that exercise is a cornerstone of good health. Without regular exercise, nearly every system in your body suffers. From bones and posture to depression and your brain, our health and wellbeing require regular exercise.

This imperative to move makes it important to find ways to recover your muscle vitality and physical energy. During a workout, we develop micro-tears in the muscle fiber and connective tissue. As the body repairs these fibers, we experience discomfort and muscle soreness. While the end result is stronger muscles, there is sometimes discomfort in the process.

These tips will help lessen workout soreness and speed recovery. Remember, don’t push yourself to workout too much too quickly. Take your time building up to a new workout routine or making significant changes in a current one. Walking, gentle swimming, and rest days are great balancing acts for when you are feeling too sore to hit the gym floor again right away.


Every cell in our bodies performs optimally with great nutrition. Reducing sugar intake, eliminating toxins in our diets, and including foods rich in nutrients, especially plenty of protein, helps our bodies rebuild quickly and efficiently. Bone broth is a magical tonic for workouts, including amino acids, minerals, and collagens.

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During the hours that we sleep our liver performs the heavy duty work in our bodies.  We eliminate many toxins and basically clean our blood every night in our sleep. This process is crucial to muscle healing, and enables the nutrients required to rebuild our muscles to circulate fully in the blood stream.


Acupuncture is known to help speed recovery, and it is used by many professional athletes and sports teams. When the needles are inserted into points along meridian lines, they help move energy, relieve pain, and facilitate the process of healing. Acupuncture helps nutrients move into the cells, tissues, and muscles of the body, while helping to reduce inflammation and speed the body’s removal of toxins.


Magnesium stores get expended by cells when we exercise.  Fatigue, muscle soreness, and anxiety are all signs of lowered magnesium levels. There are many ways to replenish magnesium. Epsom salts baths are an excellent way to provide immediate relief to sore muscles while replenishing the body’s magnesium.  Dark leafy greens and bone broth are good to include in the diet for their magnesium levels.  On the go or don’t have a tub? Try this natural magnesium oil. Simply rub on to sore muscles. Leave on for 20 minutes, and remove with a warm damp cloth.

Stretching & Massage

Stretching and massage both alleviate muscle soreness and fatigue. Basically operating on the same principle as acupuncture, both gentle stretches and easy massage facilitate circulation throughout the body. This circulation, in turn, enhances nutrient delivery to the cells & tissues, while promoting dead cells and toxins to leave the body.

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