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10 Things to Do While You’re Waiting to Get Pregnant

getpregnantfbClassic story: Woman is ready to get married, have babies and settle down, guy is not quite as ready. Conversations are happening; she is 100% on board and ready to go while he may be still considering all of the variables…which then makes her not so sure she’s 100% on board anymore –

Or, like many of us women who are (or were) thirty-something, career-driven, ambitious, fun-loving, free and single, something strikes and in the blink of an eye we’re ready to reproduce, with or without Prince Charming.

So, what are the options for the women these days? Pressure and push? Not a good option. Coerce and manipulate? Also not ideal. Seduce a stranger? It’s possible, but may have long-term consequences. There are in truth many options – and while we’re sorting them all out, we get to stay grounded, healthy, positive, and open to possibility.

What CAN Women Do While Waiting…

to feel some sense of control, progress and participation? How do we moderate these loud biological urges which dictate, demand and campaign on a roughly 28-day cycle that reproduction happen immediately?

Whether 28, 35, or 43, if you find your eggs are making a fuss at you, your loved ones, even strangers, please take to heart these 10 things you can focus on today. Do the following to be your most radiantly healthy, to look your best, and to pump up your fertile self.

Note: In an ideal situation, a 3-9 month head start on these habits will bring maximum benefit. Why 3 or more months? It takes our bodies 3 months to build up the nutrients in our blood and to prepare the reproductive system. Truly, any length of time spent in positive action will improve your health and happiness by leaps and bounds. And while a 3-month minimum suggestion is made, a year is great too, so don’t limit what is possible.

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From a Chinese perspective, getting a head start on nutrition and wellbeing before conception is the equivalent of boosting both your AND baby’s life-long savings accounts.

So, with that in mind, are you ready to embrace your time to wait?

Here are 10 ways to nurture yourself while you’re waiting to get pregnant:

1 – Start boosting your gelatin intake.

Time to bump up that bone broth consumption as well as supplementing each day with a small teaspoon of collagen hydrolysate in your morning coffee or green tea. Protein, amino acids, and collagens all are the building blocks of brain health, bone health, reproductive health, radiant health and vitality.

2 – Consume plenty of healthy fats and Vitamin D.

Saturated fats and Vitamin D, especially those found in cold water seafood build a healthy, nourished, and glowing body from the inside out. To avoid possible radiation exposure, stick with Atlantic-caught seafood as much as possible. Don’t forget to supplement with Cod Liver Oil as well.

3 – Get as much sleep as you want.

That is right – as much as you want. Go to sleep early. Sleep in whenever possible. Take naps. Be as rested and whole as a woman can be. You will not look back at a good night’s sleep with remorse once you encounter such phenomena as pregnancy insomnia, night feedings, co-sleeping, and sleep training. Many of the detoxification processes in the body occur while you are sleeping. This includes metabolism of hormones and healthy hormonal balance.

4 – Clean up your diet.

Add more superfoods, and some alkaline foods as well. Eat a good balance of healthy whole foods, plenty of nutrient dense ingredients, and be sure to include some fresh fruits and raw or cooked veggies as well. Get rid of the toxic, highly processed garbage now, and enjoy a lighter, brighter, and healthier you. Every part of you, from your skin to your bones and mind and spirit, will feel phenomenal. Supplementing with probiotics during this time is a great way to prepare your body to nurture a pregnancy.

5 – Reduce caffeine intake and rest.

When feeling the urge to grab that second latte, opt out for a quick 10 minute nap or just kick up your feet and doing something relaxing. Read a magazine, stare out the window – see if you can decrease your caffeine intake even if just a little, and experiment with restoring your natural energy. A healthy body and nourished metabolism will allow you to enjoy tea and coffee as pleasurable treats and not as the source of all being. If you need more help boosting your metabolism naturally check out this book by my friend Elizabeth.

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From a Chinese perspective, more than one cup of caffeine per day takes energy out of our energetic savings account. Rather than take energy out so that we can expend more energy, a quick rest or a small protein snack will support motherhood that much more.

6 – Exercise moderately and wholeheartedly.

Now is the time for you to feel better than ever. Exercise builds muscle, benefits mood, relieves stress, and creates joy. Our bodies not only require exercise for good health, but they CRAVE it, even if we are not in touch with that craving. Whether you work out now or are considering it, the time to start a new workout program is well ahead of conception. Also, if you are a heavy-duty exerciser, now is the time to start scaling back and adding in some balance and moderation. You wouldn’t want to run a marathon before you run a marathon, right? Try some new stuff – maybe a new yoga class like this one or this, or a hike you’ve been wanting to try. Whatever you choose to do, do it wholeheartedly and enjoy!

7 – Relax and have fun much as possible.

Take a vacation, lay in the sun, get a massage, bodywork, or acupuncture; do whatever you can to feel happy, healthy and relaxed. Not only is it worth it in the moment, it is excellent for your health. If this means booking that trip to Hawaii you’ve been putting off or heading down to the local $20 foot massage place – do it. You will feel the benefits, and besides, what is more alluring than a woman who is relaxed and having fun? Have a glass of wine here and there, or go out and meet friends for a beer. In fact, get out and about at least every other week for some grown-up fun! See music shows, go to Cirque de Soleil, and get your fill of restaurants and bars that are not kid-friendly.

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8 – Romance your honey.

Do romantic, sweet, nurturing, sexy things for your mate. When the crying bundle of joy is there demanding your body, your attention and every last ounce of time and energy you’ve got, you won’t be able to focus on your significant other the same way for awhile. Enjoy some fun and adventure, have fun skiing and snowboarding or trying other high-impact activities (zip-lining, surfing, cross-fit – you name it!). While you’re at it, Real Fit Daddy suggests, you may also want to get some quality practice time in the bedroom as well! You will be redefining fun, adventure and partnership over the course of the year when you’re pregnant and recovering from childbirth. And, if you don’t have a mate and are going solo – romance you. 

9 – Appreciate how beautiful you are, and how you are beautiful, right now.

It will be a long and winding journey while your body changes in early, mid, and late pregnancy, and then there is the post-partum period. You will be beautiful throughout the entire journey, and it is likely your sense of beauty and perception of yourself will hit a few little bumps and turns. Look at yourself in the mirror each day and find something to really appreciate about your beauty in THIS moment. A year from now, or two years, you will look back at photos of yourself and see it then, so why not enjoy it now? Plus, this is an excellent practice to put into place so that when things start getting a little weird down the road you’ve already made self-appreciation a habit. My friend Elizabeth wrote a great book called LOVE YOUR BODY – a great read, especially if you find anything about this idea challenging.

10 – De-clutter your world.

Clean out drawers, closets, and garages. Get your car, office, and purse in order. Make room for all of the STUFF baby is going to bring – from diapers to tiny little socks to strollers, carseats, diaper bags and more. Make everything spacious and beautiful. To read more about my current de-cluttering craze check out this amazing book.

In a nutshell, there are many ways to prepare while making the most of time. If you want more information on a healthy pregnancy, check out this post on pregnancy superfoods. And if a bigger health overhaul is in order, come work with me one on one, and together we will tackle whatever those concerns are.

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